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End of the Year Checklist

OK, beginning of the New Year and time for a fresh look at your AR program.  Here is SageCircle’s end of the year checklist to give you a guide to effective AR.

1 – Audit the state of the AR program

Review your success for last year and do an audit of the AR activities to ensure you did a good mix of activities balancing inbound and outbound interactions.  What is the executive perception and support?  What is the analyst relationship status?

2 – Gather key information

What is the state of the analyst contracts?  Do you have your AR calendar up to date with this year’s conferences and events, company functions, major announcements?

3 – Update your analyst lists

Review your rank and tier process and be sure you are interacting with the most significant analysts.

4 – Update your service level framework

Define the activities that you can provide for each tier.  One-on-one, one-to-many, and none-to-many interactions should match to your tier levels.

5 – Align AR goals with corporate goals

Has anything changed in the company that would impact the AR charter and objectives?  Do you have well defined strategic and tactical goals?

6 – Revise your AR plan

Is it time to do a zero-based planning?  How have your resources changed? What is needed for a good metrics program to demonstrate success?

7 – Review Interaction Calendar

Based on the data from number two above how do you refresh your interaction plans?  What long-term projects such as MQs will require a series of interactions?  Balance your service level framework and AR plans with available resources and adjust accordingly.

8 – Review your Tools

What are you using to track analyst interactions and plans? Have you considered ARchitect? How do you distribute analyst information with the team or the company?  What process are you using to collect and analyst metrics?  Are you using social media tools?

9 – Update the AR budget

In addition to dollars how are you budgeting time?  Both your time and your spokespeople and executive times need to be part of the budget.  Are you spending dollars wisely?  Reserve some funds for conferences, travel, and training.

10 – Thank the Analysts

Take time to say Thank You to your analysts.  Top tier should get a phone call as well as an email.  Ask them how you can better support their upcoming needs. Lower tier analysts should get a “personal” email.

Need help with any of these steps?  Check out the Online SageContent Library or use SageCircle advisory to improve your AR program this year.

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