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Analyst ecosystem news that you can use – comings and goings, announcements

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Arrivals and departures are reflected in the Analyst Social Media Directory.

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Altimeter Group – Marcia Conner (Twitter, blog) is a partner covering enterprise collaboration (click here for announcement)


Gartner – Rob McMillan (no Twitter), Research Director covering Security (Infrastructure Protection) stationed in Sydney, Australia.  Guriq Sedha (no Twitter), Research Director covering IT Asset Management & Procurement, stationed in Singapore. Siddharth (Sid) Deshpande (no Twitter), Senior Research Analyst covering Storage Infrastructure (Data Center Systems research group) based in India


Springboard Research – Summer Hamad (no Twitter), Senior Research Analyst, Middle East & Africa, based in Dubai

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Datamonitor / Ovum – David Mitchell (Twitter) formerly SVP of Worldwide IT Research at Ovum has transitioned to Datamonitor to be Managing Director for the energy and sustainability business

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None? Hmm.

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Altimeter Group has new job openings


ARchat on Twitter – Monday’s at 10 am PT is a tweetjam focused on AR issues. Set up a Twitter search for #ARchat and hit refresh periodically. Of if you are using a Twitter desktop client like TweetDeck you can set up a search column on #ARchat and it will automatically refresh for you.


The Indian chapter of the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations (IIAR) launches chapter in India – click here for more information


Screen Digest, Leader in Media Research, Agrees to be Acquired by iSuppli – click here to read the announcement




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