Analyst Twitter Directory refreshed, implications for Analyst Relations

icon-social-media-blue.jpgThe Analyst Twitter Directory was refreshed today with 31 new entries, 40 changes, and four deletions. The deletions were all analysts who left the game to join vendors. The Directory now has 972 entries.


One type of change reflects the acquisitions of AMR Research and Burton Group by Gartner. As a first step, SageCircle has changed the firm affiliation of the analysts to Gartner-AMR and Gartner-Burton. In a month or two, the firm affiliations for both sets of analysts will change to simply Gartner. While Gartner has stated that the AMR and Burton teams will remain separate, there are already instances where Gartner analysts are joining the AMR team and AMR analysts are joining the Gartner team. This was reported in the January 7th Gartner Quarterly AR Webinar (click here for a link to the webinar replay). As a consequence, maintaining separate directory listings for the teams will become increasingly meaningless after a transition period. This is consistent with analysts dedicated to Dataquest being listed as Gartner.


Analyst relations (AR) professionals should double check their social media monitoring programs to ensure that they are following all their relevant analysts in the newly-enlarged Gartner. As the AMR and Burton analysts become more comfortable in their new home it is possible that their use of social media will change. In addition, the AMR and Burton analysts might reveal what they currently feel about their employer and their intentions to stay at Gartner through Twitter tweets, which tend to be off-the-cuff and unedited.


SageCircle Technique:


  • AR teams need to implement formal social media monitoring programs that track the comments of their relevant analysts
  • AR teams with some combination of AMR, Burton and Gartner on their analyst lists need to pay special attention to AMR and Burton tweets for indications of satisfaction with Gartner and evolution of research agendas


Bottom Line: Because Twitter and other social media provide analysts with unedited platforms for comments about topics beyond their research coverage, AR teams should at a minimum be monitoring their most relevant analysts’ usage of social media.


Note:  Access to the SageCircle social media directories is free to our registered clients.  Free registration is available in the “login” block on the right side of the new main web page.


Question: AR – Do you have a social media monitoring program? If not, why not?



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