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Analyst departures start at AMR Research

12/10/09 9:35 am PT - Initial post

SageCircle received a credible tip and subsequently confirmed that AMR Research VP Lora Cecere, who managed a team of analysts on how to drive greater value from the supply chain, is leaving AMR. At this point we do not know the circumstances, e.g., whether Lora left voluntarily or was part of a downsizing due to Gartner’s acquisition. SageCircle had received reports that Lora was one of AMR’s top producers. Lora had been at Gartner from 2000-02.

This comes in wake of the Gartner SVP of Research Peter Sondergaard’s announcement that all analysts had been given offer letters to stay with the new AMR. This could be the case of an analyst deciding not to join the new firm or AMR doing some downsizing prior to the official takeover by Gartner to spare the new owners the task of laying off analysts they said they would retain.

If you have tips about analysts who are leaving AMR Research or related research areas at Gartner, please send them to “info [at] sagecircle [dot] com” and we will confirm them before posting them.

Replay of the webinar “SageCircle Analysis of Gartner’s acquisition of AMR Research” is now available. To receive a link and password to watch a streaming version of the webinar please email “info [at] sagecircle [dot] com”. Please include your job title and company name. Agenda:

  • Basics of the deal
  • SageCircle Analysis of AMR’s and Gartner’s Motivation
  • Highlights from Gartner AR Community Call
  • Commentary on Points from Gartner AR Community Call
  • Recommendations for Research Clients
    • Enterprise
    • Vendors
  • Recommendations for Vendor AR Teams
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6 Responses to Analyst departures start at AMR Research

  1. Paul says:

    Lora Cecere was AMR’s most prolific and respected analyst. She was also the one with a genuine opinion and a passion for her supply chain coverage. Losing her is like losing a third of AMR’s “value” overnight. Name one other respected supply chain analyst at AMR after Lora, who produces regular research? If Gartner purchased AMR for its “operations” expertise, then they just lost a major piece of the value proposition. Most likely, her outspoken personality and reputation for speaking her mind doesn’t fit with the Gartner mold. Good luck to Lora in her next venture. Whatever becomes of the remnants of AMR post “earnest integration” is going to be a lot less valuable now. But does Gartner really care? $64m to them is chump-change to take out a tough competitor and prevent Forrester getting its hands on it, which would have been a far stronger fit.

  2. Rob Curran says:

    “This could be the case of (…) AMR doing some downsizing prior to the official takeover by Gartner to spare the new owners the task of laying off analysts they said they would retain.”

    This is an eyebrow-raising possibility. If it were true (emphasize on the ‘if’), it would erode the credibility of Gartner’s assurances in future situations like this.

  3. Lora Cecere says:

    Paul, many thanks for the great compliment. I did have passion for the business and AMR Research was a great job. I loved my clients. Time to move on to a new chapter.

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  5. Tim says:

    Here, here, Paul. Lora is one of the most dedicated and thoughtful analysts in the supply chain marketspace. As a former analyst, she was tough to compete against — because she was so thorough and prolific. As a current customer, I am sorry to see her go. I wish Lora all the best.

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